What is Astrology

From the beginning of humanity, human beings have raised their eyes to heaven in search of answers. Answers about the essence of things and events, first about predictability, and later about deep understanding of life. Astrology is a Method, almost as old as the very existence of the human being, to achieve this goal. However, it has been widely criticized for being considered a procedure immersed in what is known as esotericism or mysticism or fantasy. Certainly many astrologers have used it this way, with a predictive or divinatory character throughout its history. As well as many religious groups did.

Today’s astrology cannot and should not be considered in this way. It is a pseudo-scientific method to reach self-awereness. It is pseudo-scientific because it does not conform to the principles established by the scientific method. Anyway, it remains useful. Reliable and efficient.

As a method it has a descriptive, non-explanatory character, and a much less predictive divinatory use (if someone in the name of astrology sells you that, they simply do not know what they do). The influence of the objects in the sky on the functioning of life on our planet is indisputable, due to our synchronized relation to them. So it is its influence on the biological and psychological functioning of the human being. Astrologers use this astrological knowledge as a method to describe a person’s psychological traits and tendencies. As a body of knowledge, it is unique when compared to others, as the position of the asters reveal an individual’s behavior through a personal description. This description goes beyond the already known characteristics of an individual, by revealing some hidden, unknown or unconscious potentialities. From there, an astrologer can guide one to her/his own self-knowledge from an approach that no other discipline can show. And, open his/her mind to many new rich life possibilities.

This reading shows how someone operates, how she, or he, finds satisfaction to her most basic and important projects and desires. It shows, for instance, how does she feel self-actualization through her long term projects, how does she take care of herself and of others, how does she feel loved or in love, how she defends her projects and ideas, and many other projects that are part of our personal identity.
It helps in a didactic and objective way to see ourselves from an outer, second-person point of view. So we can identify which desires or impulses conflict with or create tension to which one and to solve these conflicts or tensions.

Through this reading one can reach a symbolic view of what’s going on in her life from now until  a period of one year. What kind of challenge one is facing, what kind of experiences one is, consciously or not, is looking for, which area of life is expanding, which is changing or solidifying, and other cyclical moments are happening.


One can also symbolically investigate a relationship between two people through analysing how their astrological Natal Charts relate to each other. That’s what is called Synastry. This session evaluate each one’s relationships potentialities, their interactions characteristics, and it can be used to reduce the possibility of conflicts and enhancing the possibility of sharing happiness. The question is not if a relationship works fine but how to make it work better.

Sometimes what someone needs is not a comprehensive and detailed reading about every aspect of her chart, or her transits for a whole year, but a specific, brief answer for a focused point or problem. IN this case, the best option is the Brief Reading, because it’s supposed to give the precise amount of information to provide the understanding needed. Too much information sometimes brings confusion instead of enlightenment.

This reading is used to find a harmonious time to make a decision or to act, to put a plan into motion or start a meeting, or launch a new project. By starting an action in some specific moments, a moment whose chart symbolises our harmony, we can reach its goals more easily and effortlessly.

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